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This section is intended to contain information from you and for you.  So please, send in those interesting stories, then we can all share them.
My case study is a  client in his 50's and in excellent health.  He regularly exercises, watches his diet, and takes excellent care of his health.  He had his prostate removed because of cancer.  With conventional therapy he successfully won his cancer battle.  However, as a result of the surgery, he was left with painful spasims in what was the prostate area.  For the last three years he has sought out any and all treatments conventional and homeopathic that he could, to stop these intensely painful and frequent spasms with limited or no success.  When he contacted me in July 08 of year I was cautiously optimistic that we could do something for him.  He would have attacks about six or more times a day, every day, and this had gone on for the last three years!  Each attack would start with a spasim that grew rapidly painful to the point of stopping him cold whatever he was doing, would last about a minute or two at the most painful, then slowly release back to normal; only to spasm again later in the day without warning.  Within five weekly treatments we had reduced the incidents to one or two a week and then it reduced to one or two a month!  We have now moved to monthly treatments for maintenance.  Now the spasms are shorter in duration and usually significantly milder in intensity.  In the beginning I focused my efforts on the prostate, the sciatic nerve and the groin lymphatic because I suspected that there had to be something pressing on the sciatic nerve causing pain, also fluid seemed like a possibility.  The assisted areas were the sacral coccyx, intestinal area (in case it was dietary in nature) and adrenal for pain.  Now during his monthly maintenance we just focus our efforts on the sacral, coccyx, prostate and sciatic nerve with assisted area of groin lymphatic.  It is truly amazing what the human body can do with the littlest encouragement from us!  He can now lead a normal life relatively free from paralizing pain all from a single monthly Reflexology treatment!  I cannot begin to express the joy I have gained from my practice here in Charlottetown.   What a gift it is to be able to give relief to others!
Tina Richardson
Recently Certified Reflexologist from PEI

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    March 23 2009 and June 1st 2009
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    May 4 & 5
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Indian Head Massage 2 day course - coming up in the spring, call Janet  for further details
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Janet Williams
Footsteps School of Reflexology
Footsteps Newsletter - Spring 2009

Well spring is just around the corner and I know we are all ready for it now, having spent the last few months keeping busy indoors, working and catching up on our paperwork. (Well maybe not all of us!)
Lots of interesting stuff for you to read again in the newsletter, check out 'In this Issue'  for information about other therapies, marketing ideas, interesting courses available and dont forget sping allergy season is just around the corner.
Get in touch with all your clients that you know have allergies and get them in for a treatment, remember you need to start weekly treatments before the severe reactions begin, and continue right through the season.
There is a reflexology zero gravity chair for sale by one of our students who is moving to BC.  Anyone interested for $30?  Give me a call.
Last, but not least, dont forget to look at the upcoming course dates and be sure to recommend us if you know of anyone wanting to learn reflexology.
Enjoy the weather!
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Try this No-Cost, Low-Cost Marketing

We all agree that getting known is how we get clients and grow our business.
You're in a business that doesn't usually market itself. Do you assume that all marketing must be done as "hard sell" and since you don't do this, you do NO marketing.
What if you could do "softsell" marketing? Would you? All you start with is being yourself. Sounds easy doesn't it? Put yourself in your marketing. Think of doing this before you start any marketing. Here are some ideas ...  

  • Continue doing word-of-mouth. This is the best kind of marketing. (but don't only do this!)
  • Have a formalized referral program to thank your existing clients and get more of the clients you want.
  • Write articles (you already have clients' questions, don't you?) both online and in local newspapers.
  • Have a signature line that's on every email.
  • Teach others what you know in e-courses, teleseminars or "live" courses.
  • Go to networking events that have people like you and are led by someone who believes in what you do.
  • Create a "joint venture" partnership with someone who needs what you have and already has the clients you want.
  •  I have lots more ideas and examples that will help you!
    Trudy Van Buskirk, Marketing Coach for Small Business
Astrology & Palmistry
If you've ever wondered what your birth chart says about your karma, Riverdale resident Alan Annand is an expert in the business. With 28 years experience, certified in both western and Vedic astrology, he is also a palmist and the author of five novels. In 2006 he was profiled in the book "Psychics and Mediums in Canada" by Porche & Vaughan. For more info, see

What is Chair Massage? 
In-Chair Massage treatment is administered through normal work clothing and requires no oils or lotions. Instead of using a table, the massage is performed in a specifically ergonomically designed portable massage chair that the therapist brings on site to your company event or workplace.  Chair massage usually lasts between 10 and 15 minutes on average and can be longer if requested.
Incorporating the chair into your clinic treatments with proper biomechanic and advanced techniques adds that much more to your skill set. 

The treatment focuses on areas that often cause problems for many people who use a computer keyboard, sit at a desk, drive for long periods of
time or do physical work.

Workshops available and 4 CAT A CEUs given to registered massage therapists. 
For more information, contact Paul
Nutional Bites
Do not drink coffee TWICE a day
Do not take pills with COOL water
Drink more WATER in the morning, less at night.

Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm.

Reduce the amount of OILY food you consume