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  My case study is a 55 year old female suffering from asthma.  Although she rarely has asthma attacks, when she first came to see me, she complained that she was often short of breath, couldnt walk very far without feeling  exhausted and gasping for air.
I suggested we started with weekly treatments which would become two weekly treatments.  I treated her for probably at least eighteen months and she leant how to relax, control her breathing better and seemed to be doing more exercise as well, which was a good sign.  I concentrated on the lung and trachea reflex areas with also the thoracic spine and breast lymphatic areas.
She had her regular check up with the doctor who was astonished to find that her lungs were completely clear, no congestion and wanted to know what she had been doing!
She now comes for treatments every two or three weeks and is able to exercise regularly, without the use of an inhaler and all the symptoms that she was complaining of, have all gone away.
Upcoming Courses 
Next CRHP -   
    Mon Sep 21
Advanced Reflexology
    Tues July 21
Hand Reflexology
    Thurs July 23
     Fri Sep 25
Business Start Up
     Fri July 10
Indian Head Massage
  Wed 8 and Sat 11 July
Halifax CRHP  
Thurs Sep 10 - Mon 14
Hand Reflexology
  Wed Sep 9
NSARP Conference
  Kentville, NS
  Sat September 27
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 Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch . 
Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland , Ohio  

Janet Williams
Footsteps School of Reflexology
Footsteps Newsletter - Summer 2009

A very happy summer to you all.  At long last we can feel some warmth and know it will be here for a little while at least!
 In our business, its very easy to think that patients are thinner on the ground in the summer; its true people are happier and healthier generally but people still have problems and need help.  So we have to think of innovative ways to market our business.  Maybe look to doing some outdoor mini treatments at one of the many outdoor events that are held through the summer.  We just have to be more creative and look to our local communities for ideas.
For those of you who didnt get to Montreal to experience the RAC Conference last November, you can attend the NSARP Conference which is being held in Kentville, NS on Saturday 27th September.  It looks a very interesting line-up and If you register before the end of August you can save some money.
For more information:
Check out the dates at the end of the email with all the upcoming courses, including, for the first time, a two day course on indian head massage. Last, but not least, dont forget to look at the upcoming course dates and be sure to recommend us if you know of anyone wanting to learn reflexology.
Enjoy the weather!
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 Health & Wellness 
We see those two words used in so many ways these days; what we dont often think is that, without either of those necessities of life, we cannot survive.   I am sure you wll know people and patients who need help getting their lives back on track .
For Health is a consulting company with a focus on optimizing resilience. The company specializes in helping people change their habits and lifestyle to improve their health and productivity. It provides education and training in corporate and public settings.

Its aim is to provide sessions that promote mental and physical health and that enhance daily functioning through coaching, counselling, education, and skills training.

For further information, contact;
Marla Warner
RAC Courses

The Reflexology Association of Canada offer many short courses that are available to their alumni, but also to students from Footsteps.  It is vital that we all keep educating ourselves, so that we can be better informed and also keep our patients educated.

Sat Sept 19 10-4pm    Chris Stormer " Language of the Feet"    Location and Price TBA
If any of you are interested in attending, please contact Education Chair Almerinda Takahashi at and she will give you further information and how how to register.
Good Reads 
Business Book: 8 To Be Great
By Richard St. John

8 To Be Great outlines the top (guess how many) eight principles of success, based on ten years of research and interviews with 500 of the world's business "greats." Packed with practical advice from people who have reached the top, this solidly organized book is a good guide to success in any field. 8 To Be Great is authentic, motivating and factual, without off-putting hype. And it's even funny.

Reflexology for Women
By Nicola Hall
The book looks at general health for mind, body and emotions, focusing in particular on the specific concerns that can affect women at various stages of life including; menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, fluid retention, breast problems, skin problems, cystitis, backache, depression, allergies