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Student/Alumni Corner

This section is intended to contain information from you and for you.  So please, send in those interesting stories, then we can all share them.
An excerpt from Robert Wilson's case studies evaluation..................
As I reflect on the treatment of my case study clients, I cannot help but feel grateful for the opportunity to care for them: in many cases, they arrived on my doorstep feeling fragile physically, emotionally -or  both.  To witness the impact that treatment had on some of these people filled me with awe: that I could have played a part in helping them to feel better was a privilege.
It seems to me that we live in a culture that is starved for both touch and attention.  As I cared for these people, there were moments when I couldn't be sure whether it was the practice of Reflexology, the tranquillity of my space or the comfort of my recliner that caused them to feel better.  Was it a matter, simply, of being touched by another human being, or, of having another's undivided attention so that they might be heard -  or both?  Does it matter?  I'm not sure that it does.  People felt better (or felt comforted) and that's what's important.  The how-and-why-of-it, in my view, is quite beside the point.
The case studies also served to confirm and reveal some things about myself - chief among them, that I'm called to healing.  Though there wasn't much doubt before I began this project, there is absolutely no doubt now.
Bob Wilson
November 2008
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A Happy New Year to you,

Janet Williams
Footsteps School of Reflexology

Footsteps Newsletter - Winter 2008 

Dear Janet,

A wintry welcome to you all.  As I write this we have snow falling and probaby will have for the next three months!  (that still surprises me, even after nearly eight years living here!). 
I have lots of interesting information for you so hopefully you will enjoy reading this issue, and apologize if we had some teething problems in the last newsletter, I am sure I will become more proficient as time goes on.
 It has been a very busy fall,  most noticeably was holding the first CRHP course in Halifax with four students and also monitoring the first teacher training course.
The DVD is sellling well, so dont forget to order one if you can use it in your work setting.
Check out the student/alumni section below and I am still waiting for some feedback from you all regarding the many interesting people you have been treating.
Also check out the upcoming course dates and be sure to call us so we can reserve you a place.
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RAC Reflexology Conference
 For those of you who attended the conference, I am sure you will agree, it was the most amazing four days.  There were over 300 delegates from all over Canada which was very inspiring.  We met speakers from all over the world and we learnt so much from them all.  Dr. Martine Faure Alderson gave an extremely interesting talk and demonstration on cranio-sacral reflexology which is a culmination of fifty years of work in private practice and hospitals in Europe.  Beryl Crane from England gave many talks on foot, hand and ear reflexology and we learnt about the importance of meridians and acupressure points.  Most of her work is documented in her book.
Reflexology The Definitive Practitioner's Manual
Jackie Segers from New Zealand helped us understand how reflexology can help animals.  Her charts and book are available from her website.
This is just a small representation of the sessions at the conference.  If you require further information, please contact me directly.
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in therapeutic treatments to promote and maintain health and vitality.  Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that 'the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.'  So as far back as the fourth century BC they were burning aromatic substances which offered protection against contagious diseases  It is now a recognised complementary therapy and in the UK is widely used in hospitals.
If you would like to learn more, we now offer an on line course on Aromatherapy with a certified aromatherapist, Leigh Meadows.  For more information, visit the website and click on the link on the home page.
Marketing your business 
I am sure that we all need marketing help from time to time.  Whether you run your own business, work with others in a clinic or do reflexology on a part time basis, we all need reminding that its marketing that keeps the business running.  I have put together some tips to help:
Ask for testimonials - Ask everyone who is pleased with what you did for them whether you're speaking or training or delivering your service.
Read a relevant book, there are lots around, check out  'Get clients now!  A 28 day marketing program for Professionals and Consultants' by C.J. Hayden 
Network with other small businesses, maybe you can work together to get new clients, a good example;
Donate your time - even if its just one afternoon a month, there are lots of opportunities through charities, seniors homes.  You never know what business may come of it.
Nutional Bites
How to reduce toxins in your environment:
Avoid using scented, coloured and foaming products on yourself or in the house
Coconut oil is the best oil you can use internally in your food and externally as a body moisturiser 
Vinegar diluted with water and baking soda are the best basic products for all household cleaning chores
Information provided by Zuzka Borovjakova