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300 hour Diploma course
Homeopathy for Health
Blue Cross Insurance
Upcoming Courses  
Diploma course - Oct 7, 21, Nov 4,
                       18, Dec 2

Hand Reflexology - Friday Sep 27
Business Start up 
Workshop           - Friday Oct 4
Indian Head Massage - Sep 23 & 30
Halifax, NS
Hand Reflexology Oct 30
(please note, IHM was cancelled)  

 Please note that Business Start Up workshops and Advanced Reflexology workshops are available on demand.
Please contact us if you are interested.


300 Hour Diploma Course 
You may not all be aware that the Diploma Course we offer is a 300 hour course now and it is split into 4 modules:
100 hours - Anatomy & Physiology
 140 hours - Reflexology 1 (in class, assignments, case studies)
16 hours - First Aid/CPR
50 hours - Hand Reflexology (in class, assignments, case studies)  
We have the only certification course in Canada with 300 hrs

This is the minimum requirement of the industry now and this is how Reflexology will move forward in terms of being accepted by Insurance companies in the future.


Please contact us if you do not have an updated certificate and we will take you through the updating process. 




Footsteps at Transense

344 Bloor West, Suite 610 

 Transense room
This is the new space at Transense where the Diploma courses and all the one day courses will be held  
Footsteps Newsletter - Autumn 2013


 Well I guess it wont be the first time you heard this - the summer has just flown by and I cant believe we are already having to think of warmer clothes, colder nights etc.


It was a very busy summer for Footsteps, lots of different events we attended, I had a fabulous time in St Johns and Halifax and had such a warm welcome and met some amazing students in both places.  I really hope that will continue year after year.


Now we look forward to the last 3 to 4 months of 2013 and keeping busy with work.  I think its a good time to re-group and renew in many ways. 


We have exciting news you will read about Blue Cross, all thanks to NSARP.  And dont forget all you students who live in Atlantic Canada, I am always looking for events to put on your own page on the website.


Courses are continuing here in Toronto and we have a new space on Bloor West which I am very excited about, details below.  All the course dates for 2014 will be on the website very soon.


Keep practising and keep in touch with your stories and events, hope to see you all soon.


Best wishes, Janet



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Homeopathy for Health


I would like to introduce you to a wonderful Homeopath here in Toronto, Kelli Ewing; she works out of Transense on Bloor West which is where I shall be teaching the courses. 


This is her latest useful information: 


"Stuffy, runny nose. Red eyes. Sneezing. Coughing. Sleepless nights. Earaches. It must be cold seson again.  Dont spend this winter fighting endless colds.  Learn hw to prevent and treat colds using homeopathy, vitamins and items that you can find in your kitchen".





Blue Cross Insurance  

Well we have to thank the Nova Scotia Association of Reflexology Practitioners for their hard work and tireless persistance when communicating with Insurance companies and employers.


Through their hard work, we can now say with certainty that Blue Cross recognize NSARP as an approved association for reflexology providers in Nova Scotia.  Their criteria is that approved providers are required to provide evidence of active membership in this association and also proof of completion and certification of a 300 hour Diploma course in Reflexology.


So for those of you already members of NSARP on July 1st 2013, you will be eligible to apply to be a provider of Reflexology through Blue Cross.  Any new students will be able to go through the approval process when certified. 


As far as I am aware there are no Ontario organisations that have an understanding with Blue Cross, but as a practising reflexologist in Ontario, you are still able to join NSARP. However remember that the 300 hour diploma course that is approved by Blue Cross now contains the Hand Reflexology module which you need to attend if you have not already done so.