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Get Your Public Liability Insurance

Once certified, it is recommended that all students obtain public liability insurance and this coverage is provided wherever you work, anywhere in Canada

The standard policy provides:

  • $1,000.000 Professional Liability (injury caused by your actions or non-actions as a complementary healthcare provider),
  • $1,000.000 Commercial General Liability (injury to a someone while in your care – this can be a slip and fall or damage you cause to someone else’s property)
    $25,000 Legal Expense – Reimbursement for legal expenses in the event of an abuse claim (physical, verbal or sexual). You must be found no guilty in order to receive reimbursement
  • $250,000 Tenants Legal Liability – Repair of a rented space (this does not include your contents) caused by fire, water damage, etc.
  • $5,000 Medical Expense – Payment can be paid to a client without proof of negligence on your part

Liability insurance may be obtained through your own broker or through our recommended partner as follows:

Beth McVeigh, R.I.B.(Ont.), Account Manager
Lackner McLennan

818 Victoria Street North,
Kitchener N2B 1C3

Phone: 1-519 579-3330 Ext 350,
Fax: 1-519 579-1151
Toll Free: 1-800-265-2625



For further information, please contact Janet on 416 788 5970

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