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Q. What is the difference between your programme and other schools offering certification Reflexology courses?

A. Janet Williams, the Director of Footsteps School of Reflexology, personally teaches some of the classes. Janet was trained in the UK, where the standards are extremely high, and the courses very intensive. Janet's standards are also very high, as she endeavours to emulate her mentor, Ann Gillanders. The courses we offer are therefore the most extensive that you can find in Canada. The instructors are chosen for their integrity and huge depth of knowledge.

Q. How many hours of study will I need to complete for the certification course?

A. The Diploma course requires 48 hours of class instruction, concluding with a theoretical and practical examination. You will then be required to complete a further 60 hours of case study work, which involves working on patients to achieve a beneficial outcome. Each patient must be treated at least six times and a student will monitor, make notes and evaluate each case. There is also a requirement of a minimum of three hours a week home study during the class instruction, and then that will increase when you start on the case studies.

Q. Do I need any prior qualifications or learning before I take the Reflexology certification course?

A. If you have no experience or qualification from the health field, you will need to obtain an Anatomy & Physiology qualification. This course is offered by Footsteps as a correspondence course. You will also need to have a good understanding of written and spoken english.

Q. Where are the Diploma Course classes held?

A. Footsteps uses one location in the core of Toronto and also one in Oshawa and one in Ajax. There are also yearly courses held in Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. Please contact us for the next available dates.

Q. What days of the week are the Certified courses held?

A. This changes throughout the year, but we do offer Saturdays and Mondays as the usual days. Check with the course date schedule.

Q. How many students do you have in the classes?

A. All the classes are run with minimum numbers to achieve the best results from individual learning. Most classes are between 4 and 10 students.

Q. Can I take a general interest course?

A. We offer several short courses and one-day workshops for the general public who are interested in natural healthcare and to use their skill on family and friends.

Q. What are the course costs and what extra items do I need to purchase?

A. See course schedule for the cost of each course. This fee includes an interactive work book for the student to keep and a foot chart

Q. Are there any other courses offered at Footsteps for continuing education?

A. We now offer online courses in Nutrition and Business start up and also a 100 hr intensive course in Acupressure.