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Footsteps Student's testimonials

Reflexology has added a new dimension to my healing practice. It is a lovely modality that relaxes not only the client, but the practitioner. I consider myself fortunate to have found Footsteps School of Reflexology and, consequently, Janet.

Our class in St. John’s, NL, was small, so we had plenty of time to ask questions and hold meaningful discussion of reflexology. The close supervision by Janet meant regular and very focused feedback on our practical performance, which was delivered in a professional and considerate manner. We did a very thorough rundown of the body systems and the applications of reflexology to address a wide variety of complaints. Testing at regular intervals ensured good comprehension of concepts covered.

Following the classes, while completing case studies, Janet was just an email or phone call away to field questions about particular cases, or to clear up any uncertainty on my part. And that cd! What a brilliant idea to have compiled that learning tool- a visual reminder that I reviewed often in an effort to hone my skills.

I am very grateful to Janet for generously sharing her knowledge, for her patience and her keen eye to detail, always willing to help a student improve where there was a need. This course is well worth the time, the money and the effort. It is a very affordable modality that will greatly benefit my clients and my practice.

Thank you, Janet.

-- Joan Dohey, St Johns NL January 2015

More testimonials:

I am a birth doula and looked for a therapy tool that will benefit my clients. The course was fun and interesting. Janet is passionate about reflexology and taught us well. We were quite a small group so we could ask questions and clarify any misunderstanding. I still have hours of case studies but I feel I got tools to help me feel confident working hands-on with patients. Janet is always available to help and suggest.

-- Nura Sadan,
Toronto, Jan 2017


I've always had an interest in learning reflexology ever since I completed my Aesthetics Training 12 years ago. I finally had the opportunity to follow through on this dream last summer when I stumbled into Footsteps school of Reflexology through my local Massage Therapist. She was aware of my desire to study Reflexology and informed me of an upcoming training in St. John's NL. I took the plunge and registered. Little did I know that I would meet not only an AMAZING instructor, Janet Williams, but I also made some lasting friendships. The Program was intimate and very thorough. Felt very one on one even though there were other students there with me. Janet was very approachable and very knowledgeable. I knew we were in good hands. I decided to complete her Hand Reflexology course as well as Indian Head Massage while I was there. I felt very comfortable with the program and all Janet had to offer. After completing my courses in town, I even found Janet prompt and resourceful when I asked any questions regarding my case study work. I would HIGHLY recommend Janet and her school to anyone looking to pursue a career in Reflexology. I wish there were more courses offered that I was able to continue to take through her school.

-- Kristen Swain,
Newfoundland 2014


I am so glad that I chose Footsteps School of Reflexology to study reflexology at. Janet teaches with integrity and a passion that is contagious to her students. The small classroom sizes make for a very personal educational setting that is very professional. Janet brings more than 20 years experience of reflexology to her lessons which I benefited greatly from. There didn't seem to be a question she could not answer. Janet is a very encouraging teacher who has brought out the best in me through her continued mentoring. I am a confident reflexologist today because of Footsteps School of Reflexology.

-- Kerry Ann,
October 2012


The Footsteps School of Reflexology has provided me with a solid education in the art of reflexology.  I feel confident that I have the skills necessary to provide my clients with safe, effective and caring treatments.  Janet Williams knowledge base, years of experience in the field and teaching style made a wonderful combination for one of the best courses I've ever taken.  If anyone is thinking about learning reflexology as a career or for general interest, I highly recommend The Footsteps School of Reflexology.

-- Karyn Rowe, B.A., R.M.T.
Registered Massage Therapist


I am a self employed wife and mother operating an employment agency for over 12 years. I studied social work and have worked in the community and social service field since 1986.  Helping individuals through counselling was all I ever knew. I then realized that there was more to just having someone sit in an office expressing their feelings and in most cases, seeing little results. Their blood pressure would rise, anxiety would kick in, they would appear so stressed and once their time was up, you would let them know it was time to make another appointment.

I decided to enhance my career with Reflexology and in early 2008 went to a Heath Expo in Toronto where I began to inquire.  Someone heard me talking  about Reflexology and right away they jumped in and said “I HAVE THE NUMBER FOR YOU.” I contacted Janet Williams and expressed my interest. Knowing very little, she explained in detail about the course. I thought about it, and then I decided to enrol. It was the best decision that I had made in a long time.

Janet has designed this course to accommodate individuals from all walks of life. The way the course is run, you do not have to give up your current work, nor does it interfere with your social and family life.
At first, I was nervous, but after the third class, the nervousness went away. Janet’s teaching method is so unique. She makes the class interactive and enjoyable while you learn a wealth of information that is going to allow you to make a difference in people’s lives as well as your own.

Within 6-9 months, you can become a Certified Healthcare Practitioner.  The case studies that I have completed have allowed me to change people’s lives. Imagine while being a student you’re helping people who suffer from high blood pressure, stress, hormonal imbalance, liver problems, just to name a few. Imagine,  ”when I become a MASTER”.

Reflexology will open up a whole new world of opportunity for you. Don’t just take my word for it, experience it for yourself.  We all need to relax to achieve some balance. “The present moment is all we have”. I am living my moment and so should you.

-- Natanyah,
October 2008


"In November 2008, I attended a Footsteps reflexology course in Halifax and enjoyed it very much. The class size was small, which was great since it meant more one on one with the instructor and therefore instant feedback on what we were learning. She was very encouraging, informative and passionate about reflexology and you can't go wrong having an instructor like that. She was always very prompt in answering all my e-mails and very supportive while doing my case studies. I certainly learned a lot about anatomy, physiology and reflexology, but I learned a great deal about myself as well during this process.

Thank you very much Janet for sharing your knowledge and I look forward to expanding my education with further courses, but most of all I look forward to helping people become healthier."

-- C. Lynk,
Nova Scotia


"I was introduced to Reflexology by chance when I attended one of Janet's seminars being presented at my workplace. I realized that having knowledge of Reflexology would be a great tool and skill that I could apply in my nursing career, incorporating this wonderful healing technique into my patient's health regime and also assisting those in need in the community. I found the course to be very thorough and at a comfortable pace. Janet was very thorough and patient in answering all the questions that I had. I have found the course to be very useful in my daily work and it has also broadened my scope of knowledge about holistic healing and its positive effects. Janet was very helpful, always ready to assist, approachable and always available at any time to answer my queries or concerns. I would strongly recommend all health professionals or anyone interested in holistic healing to open their ideas to Reflexology."

-- Annette,
Registered Nurse Toronto , March 2004


I come from a retail sales background and was introduced to Janet Williams through my sister who met her at a health exhibition. After a little thinking I decided to take the CRHP course more for interest sake than anything else. The class size was perfect, only four people which was great for learning. Janet was able to spark my interest so much that I began to think of actually practising Reflexology in my spare time and it really relaxed me. I went through a lot of personal problems while studying on the course but received a lot of support from the other students. It has been so much more than an interest course and I am now planning to take the Advanced Reflexology course and to learn other complementary modalities to make this my new career endeavour.

-- Josie LePorto,
Windsor, Ontario


"I had the opportunity to take Janet William's Reflexology course this past year and I was extremely pleased. Janet's expertise in this technique, combined with her wit and warmth, made this course both informative and enjoyable. Janet provides her students with a study guide that is clear and concise for straightforward learning. There was always an opportunity to practice and assimilate new information with on-the-spot feedback and guidance. Since becoming certified in Reflexology in October 2003, my client base has expanded to the point where approximately 20% of my treatments are now requests for Reflexology. It is a wonderful new technique and I would encourage anyone, whether in the health profession or not, to study under Janet Williams."

-- J.C. Lupton,
RMT Toronto , October 2003


"My experience of learning foot reflexology was a rewarding one.  It offered me a source of providing pleasure, relaxation and healing as well as receiving it during classes!  I enjoyed the teaching methods, class interaction and instant feedback for the hands on technique.  Janet Williams is an excellent mentor with endless enthusiasm for her profession.  Reflexology provides me with an extension of knowledge as a health care provider." 

-- Lois Stanton,
Registered Dental Hygienist



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