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RAC 2012 Conference
Insurance Companies
Marketing your business

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Diploma course - Apr 2, 16, 30, May 14, 28 

Hand Reflexology - Monday June 4
Indian Head Massage - May 7 & 8


Business Start up Workshop - Thurs Apr 19




Diploma course - June 18 - 22



Diploma course - July 9 - 13



Diploma course - Sep 6 - 10 


Book to read
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Non-Fiction biography of a heroine and her offspring - its a crafted investigation of a social wrong committed by the medical establishment in the 1950s in USA 

Insurance Companies


For those of you who are already running your Reflexology business and are not registered massage therapists, you will relate to my frustrations when a client says "Is Reflexology covered under my insurance plan?"


Well we finally have some help for you - after seeing the input from NSARP, I have put together some letters which are specifically addressed to employers and insurance companies that you can give to your clients to send out.


These letters, if they get enough of them, will hopefully spur on these large organisations to at least think about Reflexology when doing their next review of therapies that should be covered.


Please contact me directly if you would like to obtain copies.


Also remember that Green Shield do cover Reflexology already.

Footsteps Newsletter - Spring 2012

Hello and welcome to spring!


Can you believe its spring already, and its certainly sprung early in Ontario, I hope its the same for you all.  I am really enjoying the warmth of the sun and seeing the spring flowers already.


Lots to share with you in this newsletter; some help for our businesses, some new ideas and dates for upcoming courses. 


Check out Trudy Van Buskirk who I have known for 10 years and can really help with ideas for marketing your business.


Also see below some ideas to help us with Insurance Companies.


I hope you are all well and take some time to enjoy our wonderful spring days when they are here.


Best wishes, Janet  


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RAC Conference - November 2012



As announced in the last newsletter, RAC wanted to hold their next conference in Toronto and wanted commitment from members and reflexologists alike in the form of a deposit by the beginning of January. 


Unfortunately, they didnt get that and realising that perhaps it was the wrong time of year to be asking for money and long before the conference was due, they rescheduled their deadline to 19 March.


At the time of writing, I cannot tell you for sure whether there will be a conference or not, this coming November.    However its very sad to me if there is not enough interest out there for people to commit ahead of time.


I hope as we get closer that there will be news of the upcoming conference and the speakers they have managed to secure and I also hope that those of you who are interested will be in touch with me and we can sort something out.



Marketing your business


 I was recently interviewed by a Trudy Van Buskirk who runs a very successful small business helping other people in their small businesses.  She is remarkable in a special way as in 2005 she suffered a debilitating stroke which hasnt stopped her from working, quite the opposite, it has empowered her to keep going against all odds.


You should visit her website, check out her blob and newsletter and I am sure there is something all of us can learn from Trudy.