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NS Reflexology Week
Reflexology and Insurance Plans
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Diploma course - Apr 1, 15, 29, May 13, 27
Hand Reflexology - Friday June 14
Business Start up Workshop - Thurs June 27
Indian Head Massage - May 9/10

Diploma course - Mar 22/23/24 & 
Apr 6/7


Summerside, PEI
Diploma course - June 17 - 21
St Johns, Newfoundland
Diploma course - July 11 - 15




What is Auriculotherapy? - A one day Workshop



Auriculotherapy is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine wherein one's health and/or the

challenges being experienced are assessed by examining the acupressure points on the ears. The color of the skin, how hard or soft an area is, skin disturbances and surface blemishes

represent specific conditions being experienced in the body. The application of pressure on these points is a

straightforward means of working with the body's complex biofeedback mechanisms

to support its innate ability to repair, regenerate, and maintain optimal health.

excellent news.


Workshop Details:


Time: 9:00am to 5:30pm

Cost: NSARP members and students $155

Non-members $180



Includes all snacks, liquid refreshments and lunch



To Register:

Please send name, address, email, phone, membership number and a cheque

or money order payable in CDN funds to:

NSARP PO Box 224, Centreville, NS B0P1J0

Footsteps Newsletter - Spring 2013


Welcome to spring!  This is my favourite newsletter to write as its my favourite season!  Having said that, it doesnt feel like spring here in Ontario and probably not for most of Canada and I still cant believe we havent seen any spring flowers in the garden yet!


There is lots happening and so much to tell you.  I feel that now we have a facebook page and a blog that we are much more connected.  However lots of you have still been on the facebook page and connected with us through a 'like'.  Also please visit the blog at and scroll down to the bottom where you can subscribe.  Then each blog that I write will automatically come to your email address.


The first thing to tell you about is for those of you in Nova Scotia - for the first time NSARP are having a reflexology week which is April 14 -21 which is to help promote reflexology in the province.  This is a great idea and I hope you all get behind it.


Also Northumberland College, Halifax are having their Open House on Sudnay April 28 from 1 - 3pm which I hope you will support.


Another date to mention to you is Saturday May 11 when the Holistic Health Clinic in Vaughan, Ontario is celebrating Naturopathic Week of Canada and they are having an open house and would like to welcome anyone in the complementary therapy world.  Check out the link -


The following books I would like to recommend which have been on facebook -  Wylde on Health by Bryce Wylde and All is well by Louise Hay.


This newsletter wont go out until we are in the spring season, but I am writing this early as I am heading for knee surgery next week.  I am hoping not to be out of action for very long and will keep in touch.



Best wishes, Janet

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Nova Scotia Reflexology Week


Reflexology Therapy Week will run the 3rd week of every April with this year being April 14-20th. Our goal of having a provincially designated week is to increase public awareness of Reflexology Therapy and how it can be very beneficial to ones overall health and well-being along with how to find a qualified therapist. We hope to have newspapers across the province print articles about the event as well as have a few members appear on Breakfast Television! This is an exciting opportunity for us as members of NSARP to host our own events during this week to further promote our modality as well as ourselves as individual therapists. I would like to encourage you to plan your own events during this week, such as hosting an open house in your place of business, talks at your local library, talks at local businesses, etc. Please email me directly with your planned event as I will be preparing a schedule of events to be posted on the NSARP website and perhaps in the newspapers & Breakfast TV.  Here are some points to remember:

Please contact

if you have any questions or events planned. 




 Reflexology and Insurance plans

As you are all aware of the challenges we face in our practice when Reflexology is not covered by all health insurance plans. I personally feel that we need to change the culture that believes that all our healthcare should be paid for.  The sooner people realise that they have to taken responsibility for their own health, the sooner we will have busier practices.


However in the meantime, a lot of people are reliant on their health insurance plans and do want to have reflexology covered.  Remember we do have some prepared letters which you can give to your client to mail to their own employers and insurance companies to encourage them to include Reflexology.  Please email me for this.


The good news is that two companies do already recognise Reflexology and include them, and they are Medavie Blue Cross and Green Shield.  Provided you are a member of NSARP, you can get a provider number from Blue Cross which you would use on your receipt and with Green Shield you have to be a member of RAC to obtain a provider number.