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Baby & Mom Reflexology
News from Nova Scotia
Mom and Baby Reflexology  
I am planning to hold ongoing workshops in the GTA, Halifax, PEI and Newfoundland specifically for moms with babies.
I realised that this is a group that I had never really marketed to and what a perfect opportunity to introduce your moms to the benefits of safe and non-invasive reflexology.
I am still in the process of setting up the programme, deciding on locations, ideas for marketing but would love to hear from any of you that would be interested in working with me on this project. 
Footsteps Newsletter - Spring 2014


 Well this newsletter comes out a little later than usual because I am still coming to terms with re-entry into this cold March having just spent 2 weeks in Kerala, southern India where the temperature was much warmer. 


What an experience it was to live among the beautiful, friendly locals of southern India where Ayurveda started 4000 BC and the origins of yoga, no wonder they have this aura around them. 


I'm sorry I couldnt bring any of that temperature back for you, just my memories.  Well lets all hope that we can get some of that Vancouver weather they have been enjoying.  Daffodils and spring blossoms everywhere, reminding us that spring is a time of rebirth and time to look at ourselves, renewal of our health, nutrition and also our businesses.


I wish you all a fruitful spring and look forward to seeing you again at one of our upcoming courses.



Best wishes, Janet



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Upcoming Courses  
Diploma course - Apr 7, 28, May 12, 26,
                        Jun 9
                       Sep 22, Oct 6, 20,
                       Nov 3, 17, 
Hand Reflexology - Mon Apr 14
                          Thurs Jun 5
Indian Head Massage - Mon May 5
Halifax, NS
Diploma course - Aug 21 - 25
Hand Reflexology - Tue Aug 26
                          Thur Oct 30
Indian Head Massage - Wed Oct 29
St Johns, NL  
Diploma course - July 24 - 28
Hand Reflexology - Tues July 29
Indian Head Massage - Wed July 30

 Please note that Business Start Up workshops and Advanced Reflexology workshops are available on demand.
Please contact us if you are interested.


 News from Nova Scotia



As you all know, we have a very active and enthusiastic reflexology therapy association in Nova Scotia and I would like to draw your attention to some upcoming events.


Their footnotes newsletter is now available at which is highlighting:


The second annual Nova Scotia Reflexology Therapy Week April 13 - 19, 2014.  This is an opportunity for reflexology therapists to organise a promotional event to educate the public about reflexology and market their business.  Details for application to be found on the website, where the events will also be advertised.


There is also going to be held on Saturday May 24 and Sunday May 25, a workshop on how to relieve chronic foot pain.


All information to be found at


Book for Reading and Reference  
'Power Plants' - simple home remedies you can grow.
This books is jointly written by Frank Ferragine who is a gardening expert and Bryce Wylde who is a naturopathic doctor.  What a cool combination - check it out!