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Summer Marketing
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Reflexology and constipation
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Brampton, Ontario 
Diploma course - July 8, 22, Aug 5, 
                       19, 26
Diploma course - Oct 7, 21, Nov 4,
                       18, Dec 2

Hand Reflexology - Friday Oct 4
Business Start up 
Workshop           - Friday Oct 25
Indian Head Massage - Sep 23 & 30
St Johns, Newfoundland
Diploma course - July 11 - 15
Hand Reflexology - Tues July 16
Indian Head Massage - Wed July 17

Halifax, NS
Diploma course - Sep 5 - 9
Hand Reflexology - Wed Sep 4
Indian Head Massage - Oct 30 & 31



Summer Marketing 

Summer is upon us and we have to think of ways of keeping our business alive and well.

Most people are thinking about holidays, kids off school, keeping cool etc.


So we have to think of ways to attract people to our business.  The first thing that springs to mind is all the summer festivals and events that happen in our local neighbourhood and all over the country.  There are also farmers markets springing up everywhere.  So these are all perfect places for us to market reflexology.  We should be offering either demonstrations, or short treatments for a nominal fee, whatever you feel comfortable with.


Remember that we have to keep educating the public about Reflexology, there are still the majority of people who live in Canada and don't know anything about it and certainly haven't had a treatment.


Good luck and let me know your successes.

Footsteps Newsletter - Summer 2013



Well summer has arrived already and I hope the spring was good for you all, despite the strange up and down weather we have been having.  Lets hope summer will be more stable for everyone and lots of sunshine so we can enjoy it.


I personally am very glad summer is here as I am now three months on from my knee surgery and happy to say everything went well and can now enjoy lots of tennis, cycling and walking.


Footsteps has been busy as usual, with some interesting events we attended; the Childrens Aid Foundation womens golf tournament where we offered reflexology treatments, Nurses week in Pickering, I have been speaking at a local library and a company in Mississauga about Reflexology, constantly educating the general public, and in August we go back to The Four Seasons corporate office to offer reflexology in their wellness week.


We are offering for the first time this summer, a diploma course in Brampton, Ontario.  This city is the fastest growing in Ontario at the moment and we hope to offer this on a regular basis.


This will be a short newsletter this time as I am very busy travelling this summer, teaching and holidays.


There will be another one out before the fall begins and so wish you all a fabulous summer.


Best wishes, Janet



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Case Studies


I have been reading and marking a lot of case studies in the last couple of months and have been very heartened to see the good work you have all accomplished.  It is always reassuring to hear from you what an important part of your learning experience, the case studies have been.  


There is nothing like hands on experience when it comes to learning, you learn what you are capable of, your learn what you are able to teach your client, you learn how effective Reflexology is in so many ways.


We must never underestimate the power of the treatment, and very often its the little things that bother people that seem to disappear and they are then able to deal with the larger issues.


Please send me your interesting cases, we would all love to hear about them.






 Reflexology and Constipation

I know you have all heard me many times extolling the virtues of Reflexology and how it will help constipation.


I am currently treating a 5 year old boy with constipation and a very interesting case.  His mother told me they had experienced problems since he was a baby and it now turns out he is intolerant to wheat and dairy which is what was being pumped into him most of his life!  So now his diet has changed and his mother is educating herself at the same time as dealing with a very intelligent active 5 year old.


The first few treatments were very challenging for me as he didn't really want to keep still and have his feet touched.  However it was very telling every time I touched the ileocecal valve he let me know it was sensitive.  After about 5 or 6 treatments we started to see results in that he was calmer, more used to me and the treatment and also his mother said the stool size had normalised.


He is continuing his treatments through the summer so that he will hopefully able to join the school they want for him and he will be more comfortable about using a toilet.


This case has shown me yet again, how emotions play such a strong part in people's health and wellness.  The more confident the child becomes in himself and his abilities the better he will be. It has been very rewarding for me watching the change in him and his behaviour since meeting him, he is much more engaging, will follow instructions now and will lie quietly for 30 mins while he has the treatment.